Looking for a roommate in the North Virginia area. I would prefer a room with a private bathroom. I'm friendly, easygoing and respectful
I'm a laidback guy who is kind of a kid at heart. I can be goofy when comfortable with someone but otherwise mature and responsible. Some of my hobbies are traveling (I want to see all the wonders of the world!), paintballing, video gameing, watching anime, hiking, sports, and listening to music. I am really down for whatever and love exploring new things. When I'm not goofing off, I do tend to...
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
Hi! I'm a 22 year old recent college grad from New York looking to move down to DC to start a new career this coming September. I am looking for a roommate similar to myself in terms of age and cleanliness. I am pretty neat and clean, and I prefer my apartment to be tidy as well. I enjoy watching Netflix, catching a baseball game, or just hanging out. I am somewhat outgoing and would enjoy new ...
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I just want a roommate who is super friendly and easy to get along with! I love hanging out, but Im also a student who works full time so my alone time is necessary. :)
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
Rent negotiable, meaning I have some flexibility. Looking for detached garage shed warehouse space to use as studio. Activities would include woodwork, painting, storage of existing work and materials. Thank you in advance. willing to look at anything you may have available!
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